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2-side corner

Fireplace inserts from Schmid – for the inner values

What would a fireplace be without the right insert? It is he who always keeps your home cosy and warm. In order to integrate a high-quality and functional core in your fireplace, the use of our Schmid fireplace inserts – Made in Germany – is ideal.

Schmid fireplace inserts offer you the option of closing open fireplaces or upgrading old stoves with modern technology. Our inserts are characterized by a large number of different formats.

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Ekko 55 34 Fireplace is a compact insert suitable for small and middle-size the room it is also shallow and the chimney breast does not take much floor space. The Ekko model is available with a standard hinged door and lifts up door which is very practical because does not take any space from the room when open for refuelling.
A glass of the insert is curved on the corner giving a better vision of the fire and make the door better sealed.

Fireplace insert Ekko L / R 55 (34)
Multiple fire views – the angular front and the angled pane give you a double view of the flames.

Front: open on both sides, crystal
Inner lining: “Premium White”
Front width: 550 mm
Side panel depth: 340 mm
Front Height: optionally 450, 510 or 570 mm
Type: optionally swivelling or pushing up
Power: 5 kW


Nominal heat output 5 kW
Output range 2,4-5,3 kW
Efficiency with SCC > 80%
Insulation thickness (if the wall is not to be protected) (based on SILCA® 250KM) 60 mm
Combustion air inlet Ø 125 etc.
Recommended log length 33 cm
Weight: 190 270-kg
Heat emission: through the lens 50%
Heat emission: convective power 50%

Data for chimney sweeps according to DIN EN 13384

Triplet of values ​​at NWL (closed)
Exhaust gas mass flow 5,0 g / s
Exhaust gas temperature 275 ° C
Required delivery pressure 12 Pa




The “crystal” front finish is standard with us. With this version, you receive your fireplace insert with a 4-sided printed glass-ceramic. This gives your fireplace an elegant and modern look.


For those who prefer something a little more robust, we of course still have our “Anthracite” front version in our range. Made of high-quality steel, the door profile is characterized by high strength and stability.


“Premium White”

The combustion chamber is lined with innovative chamotte in “premium white” or “anthracite” – on the side with striped chamotte, in the lower area with solid floor stones with a thickness of up to 60 mm. The latest-class chamotte is also particularly hard-wearing with a higher density. And thanks to the less beige colour, the fireplace inserts can be integrated even better into different living styles.


We are here, to help you.


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