Good old open fire

Open fire emits 15 times more CO2 and 50 times more particulates in comparison with wood-burner/stove.

Airborne micro-particles also pollute the air in the room.
Open fire loses most of the heat through the chimney ( Open fire: 15% yield, stove: 60-90% yield). For every €100 spent on fuel €85 goes to the chimney.

Even when not in use open fire wastes your money by sucking in warm air from the room.

An open fire pulls in a phenomenal amount of oxygen. This draws cold air in from outside the house, which means that only the area immediately around the fire feels warmer while the rest of the house actually gets colder.

Still want a traditional stove? We have a solution: advanced technology combined with traditional open fire feature:
⦁ Traditional surround
⦁ Fireplace insert with frameless glass “KRISTALL+” and guillotine door system to enjoy an open fire and the benefits of efficient source of heat.