Pano 67

Pano 67


  • Fireplace insert front open, Panorama-Front
  • 6745 – Height 45 cm
    6751 – Height 51 cm
    6757 – Height 57 cm
  • Self-closing door
  • The lower panel for the secondary air is
    adjustable for an excellent glass wash
  • Standard refractory lining: Smooth chamotte
  • High-quality cast-iron dome, all parts are
    movable, adjustment from 0° to 90°
  • Easy and fast adjustment of the construction height
  • Easily dismantles for transportation



Front finish Anthracite

All fireplace inserts of series Pano
are equipped as standard with with front finish Anthracite.


Refractory lining

Masonry or smooth appearance, chamotte or vermiculite, upon request cream white or black.
Standard: Smooth chamotte


Tunnel version

The Pano 67 is also available as a room divider or tunnel version with hinged back and individual front side.

Fireplace substructure 270 mm, external air connection for supply with external combustion air through the air collector box: ø 125 mm, left, right, rear (depen-ding on insert) included in scope of supply, optional ø 145 mm on base.

Technical Data
Nominal output 9 kW
Thermal output range (depending on wood amount) 3,3 – 8,7 kW
Efficiency > 78 %
Insulation (based on SILCA 250KM 60 mm
Ext. air connector 125 mm
Weight (depending on the equipment) 190 – 255 kg
Heat distribution: glass window 35 %
Heat distribution: convection 65 %
Data for chimney sweepers or responsible authority
according to DIN EN 13384 (Closed operation)
Flue gas mass flow 7,6 g/s
Flue gas temperature 340 °C
Required draught,
12-20 Pa


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