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Wood Burning

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Modern Freestanding

The NOVIA combines high-quality materials with a modern design to create an efficient and elegant heat source. The unusually large, curved viewing window offers the viewer a lot of insight into the calming play of the flames. Thanks to its space-saving shape, NOVIA blends harmoniously into any living space.

NOVIA variants:
Three versions (C / CL / Novia Plus) painted in black

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Shapely, powerful, user-friendly and environmentally friendly. NOVIA combines the traditional advantages of a cast-iron stove with modern technology and exclusive design. The body, front and door of the oven have a special structure that indicates high quality at first glance. The small diameter of 45 cm and the curved glass pane in the combustion chamber door, which allows a generous view of the flames, determine the appearance of this elegant and space-saving model, which blends harmoniously into any living environment. Casting is also a pleasure because this material offers design options that are not available to other materials. Last but not least, it impresses with its longevity: cast furnaces have an almost unlimited service life. Particularly practical: the ash box can be easily removed and reinserted after cleaning.


Cast Iron: Black
Dimensions: H1185 x B450 x D450
KW: 4 – 7
Efficiency: 81%
Energy Efficiency Class: A+
Heating Area 20-100
Weight: 215 kg
External Air Connector: 100mm
Ash Pan: Yes





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