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Schmid NEO-Line – Our new standard cassette inserts

Our NEO-Line standard cassette inserts are new addition to our modern fireplace insert range. The four models are suitable for both already existing fireplace openings and new-build projects. They come with fitted External Air Intake (rear or bottom) as standard and comply with current environmental regulations. Ingenious combustion techno- logy provides for high Efficiency and keeping the glass clean. The installation of the cassettes is easy and time efficient. The NEO-Line comes with adjustable feet which allows easy levelling on uneven surfaces. The flue gas spigot connector allows for top or rear installation and can be fixed from the
interior of the cassette.

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NEO-Line 8563 (DE) NEO-Line 8563 (EXPORT)
Nominal heat output 10,5 kW 14,0 kW
Output range * 9,8-16,5 kW 9,8-16,5 kW
Efficiency > 78% > 78%
Insulation thickness (if the wall is not to be protected) (based on SILCA® 250KM) 60 mm 60 mm
flue outlet Ø 180 mm *** Ø 183 mm ***
Combustion air inlet Ø 100 etc. Ø 100 etc.
Combustion air requirement 37,3 (m³ / h) 49,7 (m³ / h)
Rec. Amount of wooden support, approx. 3,0 kg 4,0 kg
Rec. firewood length 33 cm 33 cm
Weight: 135 kg 135 kg
Width 850 mm 850 mm
height 630 mm 630 mm
depth 395 mm ** 395 mm **
wheel width 788 mm 788 mm
pane height 510 mm 510 mm
* The heat output range depends on the amount of wood loaded and quality. For the chimney calculation only the triples of the nominal heat output are to be used.
** ext. Air connection + 15 mm (rear)
*** DE: plugged on outside (standard), EXPORT: plugged in inside (partly export)




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