Lina 73

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Camina & Schmid

Fuel type

Wood Burning

Product line

Contemporary Inserts


1-side, 2-side tunnel

Lina 73 Fireplace is Available in three Glass Door Variants.

1) 7351 – Height 51 cm
2) 7357 – Height 57 cm
3) 7363 – Height 63 cm

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What would a fireplace be without an appropriate insert? It always ensures comfortable warmth in your home. To integrate a high-quality and functional core into your fireplace, you can use Schmid fireplace inserts.
The best heating power depends on the size of the room in which the installation is located. Our offer includes Schmid fireplace inserts with power ranging from 5 to 14 kW. They are characterized by many extravagant formats, such as rounded, single, double and three-sided glass doors available in various dimensions. All models have an external air connection that directs combustion air to the fireplace insert. This design provides excellent safety because the air needed for a fire is not extracted from the room and is suitable for well-insulated homes. Various options allow you to choose the model exactly right for you.

Technical Data:

Nominal output
9 kW
Thermal output range from
3,2 kW
Thermal output range to
10.9 kW
Thermal output room
9 kW
Recommended wood quantity
4 kg
Wood length
33 cm
Energy Efficiency Class:
ECO-Design 2022 Ready:


  • Available with a hinged door or with a guillotine door
  • Easy-to-operate combustion air regulator
  • Optimised and efficient combustion technology to heat without hesitation
  • Convenient handling when emptying ashes
  • A wide range of design options from your stove fitter
  • Easy cleaning due to additional closures on the doors




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