New standard version: Kristal

The “crystal” front version is standard for us. You receive your fireplace insert with this design with a 4-sided printed glass – this way your fireplace receives a noble and modern look.

Inner Lining:

The combustion chamber is lined with innovative chamotte in “premium white” or “anthracite” – on the side with striped chamotte, in the lower area with solid floor stones with a thickness of up to 60 mm. The latest-class chamotte is also particularly hard-wearing with a higher density. And thanks to the less beige color, the fireplace inserts can be integrated even better into different living styles.

Available in two versions:

Lina GT 73 .. h, sliding door, available in heights 38 and 51 cm

Lina GT 73 .. p, pivoting door, available in heights 38 and 51 cm



Designed for the airtight house:

External air connection for supply with external combustion air through the air collector box: ø 125 mm, left, right, rear (depending on insert) included in the scope of supply.

Technical Data
Nominal output 6 kW
Thermal output range (depending on wood amount) 4,4 – 6,3 kW
Efficiency > 80 %
Insulation (based on SILCA 250KM) 60 mm
Ext. air connector 125 mm
Weight (depending on the equipment) 230 – 290 kg
Heat distribution: glass window 25 %
Heat distribution: convection 75 %
Data for chimney sweepers or responsible authority
according to DIN EN 13384 (Closed operation)
Flue gas mass flow 6,2 g/s
Flue gas temperature 214 °C
Required draught,
12 Pa