I-Range i1500e Slimline Electric Fire

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Charlton and Jenrick

I-Range i1500e Slimline Electric Fire

Designed to complement a media wall perfectly, the I-Range i1500 doesn’t just add to your living space—it makes it!

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The iRange i1500e Slimline from Charlton & Jenrick is not just a fire; it’s a statement piece designed to create maximum visual impact in your home. Its slim design allows for less intrusive installations, making it a versatile choice for various homes and settings.

At 1.5 metres long, the i1500e has been designed for larger rooms or open-plan areas, transforming the interior of your home. Optional LED lighting creates an engaging and customisable feature, with 13 different colours and a 14th setting that cycles through the 13 colours.





  • The C&J Smart App lets you control all aspects of the fire from your mobile device, including the two new optional crackle sound effects.
  • Installation is possible with three sides of glass showing, making it perfect for media, feature, and dividing wall installations.
  • Our woodland log set features lots of different colours and sizes, mimicking what you would find on a gentle stroll through the forest.
  • Exciting, realistic LiveFlame effect with three colour options, each available in five mood settings. The mood settings allow for five differing levels of brightness and size of flames.
  • Realistic Ambient Light flickering fuel bed with nine colour options and four mood settings. Choose from a glowing, natural amber or any of eight other shades to match your mood—all easily set using your remote control. You can even set the colours to gradually shift from one shade to another, cycling through the whole palette to create an ever-changing display.
  • Optional LED Lighting – Create the right mood in your room by lighting the area surrounding your fire, optional lengths of LED lighting strips are available that plug into your fire and you can run in your fireplace or build into the wall. The lights are controlled from the fire handset and offer a palette of thirteen glorious colours that can be set separately to the flame and fuel bed effects (they can also be set to the same colours).
  • The stylish remote-control handset incorporates highly efficient heat control via a 7-day programmable timer and an electric thermostat.
  • EcoDesign compliant, built to EU and UK standards, it allows you to control your fire and includes open window detection.
  • Controls automatically choose two generous heat settings to meet and maintain your chosen room temperature.
  • 1.5kW max heat output 100% efficient at the point of use.
  • Optional wall brackets are needed to hang the fire on the wall and build a fascia or enclosure around it.
  • All fires come with a 5-year extended parts warranty (first 2 years parts & labour).



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