Ekko GU 100 gas fireplace insert

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From our own vision, we have developed gas fireplace inserts that are easy to install, operate and maintain. They contain innovative technology and high safety equipment for maximum comfort. Enjoy the three-sided view of the flames with the Ekko GU inserts


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The gas burner is integrated into large wood logs providing a real fire appearance. Optional LED ember base adds coals glowing effect and inner ceramic glass emphasizes depth to the flames.


Nominal heat input:
10,4 kW
Performance range:
3,5 - 8,8 kW
Electric power consumption:
10 W (max.) / 3 W (standby)
Energy- efficiency- class to (EU) 2015/1186
Exhaust pipe socket:
Ø 130/200 mm
Combustion chamber look:
Weight including control and ceramic logs, approx.
220 Kg
Gas Type:
Natural or Bottle

* Values ​​based on I.2E / I2H (Natural gas H, G20)


sheet steel anthracite (frosted)

Ceramic black (glittering)

Energy-efficiency-class to (EU) 2015/1186

LED Ambient Lighting

Gas safety tube

Substructure Console



with LED ambient lighting

without LED ambient lighting

LED ambient lighting
With the additional LED ambient lighting, a bed made of glowing coals is recreated. The imitated ember bed can be used both as a light source when the device is switched off and when using the device to give the flame image even more dimension.


Sheet steel anthracite (matt)

Glass-ceramic black (glossy)

Inner liners
Depending on the model, the rear and sidewalls of the combustion chamber can be lined with sheet steel in anthracite (matt) or black glass-ceramic (glossy). The inner lining made of glass-ceramic reflects the flames and gives the combustion chamber more depth.


Display remote control
The remote control with the thermostat function keeps the desired temperature constant. It communicates in two directions: it controls the gas fireplace and returns information if necessary. It also functions as a safety element in that it automatically secures the control in the event of interrupted contact (e.g. empty batteries, out of range).

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