Ekko U 55(67)

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Camina & Schmid

Fuel type

Wood Burning

Product line

Contemporary Inserts



New standard version: Kristal
The fireplace inserts Ekko (two-sided) are equipped standard with a 4-sided printed glass.

Refractory lining
Masonry or smooth appearance, chamotte or vermiculite, upon request cream white or black.

Standard: Smooth chamotte

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Fireplace substructure 270 mm, external air connection for supply with external combustion air through the air collector box: ø 125 mm, left, right, rear (depen-ding on insert) included in scope of supply, optional ø 145 mm on base.


Fireplace insert 3-sided open
55(67)45 – Height 45 cm
55(67)51 – Height 51 cm
55(67)57 – Height 57 cm
Self-closing door
The lower panel for the secondary air is
adjustable for an excellent glass wash
Standard refractory lining: Smooth chamotte
High-quality cast-iron dome, all parts are
movable, adjustment from 0° to 90°

Technical Data:

Nominal output 9 kW
Thermal output range (depending on wood amount) 4,3 – 9,1 kW
Efficiency > 78 %
Insulation (based on SILCA 250KM) 60 mm
⌀ Ext. air connector 125 mm
Weight (depending on the equipment) 240 – 260 kg
Heat distribution: glass window 70 %
Heat distribution: convection 30 %
Flue gas mass flow 8,6 g/s
Flue gas temperature 310 °C
Required draught, min.-max. 12-20 Pa




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