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HOTA Fireplaces


54" H1258mm x W1370mm x D220mm


Aegean Limestone, Grey Emperador, Rio Cinza Limestone

The HOTA Natural Stone Fireplaces.

We often get asked to make bespoke marble and stone fire surrounds.
We make fireplaces for every type of home, from Classical Victorian
Replacements to Modern Contemporary styles to complement the newest
homes. Our bespoke fire surrounds are crafted by skilled stone masons and
we continue to support the skills in this artisan industry.


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Available Sizes:

  • 54” (Height 1258mm x Width 1370mm x Depth 220mm)

Stone Types:

Aegean Limestone is a white-coloured natural stone with very thin grain
and uniform background. Sourced in Turkey, different fireplace models
allow us to take advantage of the natural shading present in this beautifully
consistent and uniform limestone.
Popular with architects and interior designers, this best-selling marble
material remains a hugely popular choice in Irish homes

Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture.
Over millions of years, natural processes have compressed grains of sand and
minerals to produce this beautiful stone material. This limestone is sourced in
quarries in Turkey and Italy.
Each unique fireplace is created from this beautifully textured natural material
is bound to create an outstanding feature in any home.

This beautiful material is high-quality white or blue-grey marble, popular for sculpture and building decor. Ariston Carrara
has its distinctive texture and characteristics; each Ariston Carrara
The fireplace is unique to you and your home.

At Hota, we like this versatile limestone for its use in a diversity of applications;
particularly because Hota only use the finest grain material for our fireplaces.
Often, this material can feature a beautiful and unique parallel vein.
This highest-grade limestone presents a light cream colour with slight greyish
tonalities. It also shows dispersed brownish spots and some fossils. Overall, this
is a durable, uniform, and versatile limestone that can be used on almost

all projects without limitations.




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