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The ARUBA is a wood-burning stove made of high-quality cast iron, which ensures comfortable heat conduction, extreme dimensional stability and absolute freedom from tension. This means that there is no annoying crackling. Guss also stores the cosy warmth in the room.

The design of the stove is elegant with the finest contours and an unmistakable feel. The rounded window promises a beautiful view of the fiery magic of the flame. A surprising detail is the feet, which are rather untypical for today’s time, with which the cast-iron device stands firmly on the floor. An additional side door enables the logs to be reloaded neatly and conveniently.

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  • High-quality furnace made entirely of cast
  • Classic format, traditional design with the finest contours
  • Additional side door for clean and safe filling
  • Combustion with particularly low emissions



Cast Iron: Black
Dimensions: H740 x W625 x D465
Nominal Heat Output KW: 9
Efficiency: >80%
Energy Efficiency Class: A+
Heating Area 20-100
Weight: 185 kg
External Air Connector: 100mm
Smoke outlet: top / back





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