Amantii TRU View 50 Slim Smart 3-Sided Electric Fireplace

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Amantii TRU VIEW SLIM Smart 3-sided glass electric fireplace
Our Tru-View series family just got better with the addition of the Slim series! With an incredible depth of 3-7/8” and available in five sizes, you’ll find an electric fireplace that is perfect for any space in your home, business, or commercial space. At just 4” in-depth, the Slim is perfectly suited to installations in areas where wall depth is at a premium. The Tru-View-Slim series of electric fireplaces are designed to be installed into a 2 x 4″ wall.

The TRV-SLIM fits beautifully as a corner fireplace!

The TRV-Slim model comes standard with a 10-piece log set and Charcoal grey fire glass, vermiculite, and black fire glass plus a remote.

Customize the appearance of the TRV-SLIM further by utilizing the included Designer Media Kit, which includes a 10 Piece Birch Style Log Set, 2 colours of real fibreglass, and two colours of vermiculite.
Further media options are available for additional purchase.

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Flame Presentation

Vibrant, multi-coloured state-of-the-art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote. Can all be done separately and mixed to make lots of combinations.

Ambient Canopy Lighting
Ambient canopy lighting illuminates media like never before. Cast a colourful glow over the supplied decorative media in the tray below. Cycle through a rainbow of 13 different colours. Blend flame colours with contrasting canopy lighting for a unique presentation – the combinations are limitless.

Included accessories:


The TRU VIEW SLIM electric fireplace comes with a 10-piece log set and Charcoal grey fire glass, vermiculite, and black fire glass, plus a remote.

Optional Accessories:

The 50-Tru-View-Slim-Smart Model can be customised with optional design media kits:

Customize the look of your electric fireplace by purchasing from our selection of stylish decorative media.


  • Three-sided built-in electric fireplace
  • WiFi Compatible to connect and control the fireplace from your smartphone with the use of our app. Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Three-speed flame motor
  • Heat Outdoor 5000 BTU
  • No unsightly venting and grills seen. A true clean and vent-free look
  • A programmable timer & thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of the room. Set your fireplace to turn on before you arrive home or automatically turn it on when the weather is cold.
  • Touchpad for convenient control of the features and temperature display from the fireplace.
  • Choose from combinations of yellow, orange and red coloured flames
  • Approved for indoor or outdoor applications.*
  • Choose from 11 colours of the canopy and ember bed lighting to illuminate decorative media from below and above
  • Two flame pattern styles – standard and more traditional
  • A new patented thermostatic remote comes included

Flames and flame colours on the website may appear differently in real life. Please visit your nearest dealer to view the most accurate representation of the flame and our regular flame sets.

We reserve the right to update products; specifications and dimensions are subject to change. Please refer to the product manual to verify measurements and clearance requirements. All local building codes must be followed.

Installation configurations:


Power Supply:
230 Volts
Power Consumption Max
1500 Watts
Hight: 1500 W, Low: 750 W
No Heater:
22 Watts
LED Light:
22 Wats
1 - 5 Watts
H 676 x W 1353 x D 270mm
Glass View Oppening:
H 397 x W 1260mm
Surround Size:
Shipping Size:
H 740 x W 1460 x D 321mm
Shipping Weight:
55 Kg
Plug Location:
Left Side
Cord Length:
Approx. Heating Area:
400 sq. ft.

Documentation, catalog and other attachments:

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