Heating homes with oil, natural gas and electricity are becoming costlier day-by-day and their increasing price persuading us to think of wood fires as a perfect alternative for optimal heating.

And when it comes to warmth and comfort, the Heritage stove is an inherent trend that will never go out of style. Once implemented, it will be an asset to your household and the architectural design does speak a lot about your interior design & living lifestyle.   In addition to all this, heritage wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, bestow cozy warmth and its totally energy independence.

Some of the factors that eagerly say you should bring back the heritage woodstove in your house are:

#1 Heritage Stove Are More Than A Style Quotient. They are ergonomically designed to efficiently serve the purpose and available in numerous contemporary and traditional designs. One can choose as per the requirement. At HOMEXPERT.IE, our wood burning stoves come in myriad variation and available in corner, freestanding and built-in wall mounted style. Thus, conferring you a chance to pick the best one out of the pool.

#2 Numerous Installation Ideas and Location. Heritage stoves don’t restrict your ideas to one particular notion. Its portable design offers you the convenience to install anywhere and for a designer, it uncovers numerous trendy installation ideas.

#3 Effectual New Models. The newer model of woodstove has a good reputation for efficiency and has been a people’s foremost choice for a reliable & safe wood burning flames. Our Heritage stove is a state of the art equipment and safer than ever.

#4 Reliable Warmth Source During Blackout. It’s the only reliable heating solution that even works during blackout days. Since heritage woodstoves require burning of wood and timber to produce heat, a home with fireplace will be able to stay warm in the absence of electricity or natural gas.

Did you know that with a heritage stove, the whole house can be heated for less? Besides, they are modern and designed with sturdy-built quality. If you are planning to heat your home for less, do check out our latest wood burning stoves at https://homexpert.ie/.