SPKP -Chimney connections for pellets stoves

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SPKP -Chimney connections for pellets stoves

Technical data

Avaliable diameters 80,100[mm]
Material mild steel sheet type DC01
Max. working temperature 250oC
Warranty 2 years


Catalogue card
Declaration of performance



Recommended as fume extraction from heating appliances for pellets.


Chimney connections are made with mild DC01 steel sheet (in thickness 1,2 [mm]) powder coated.
They are used as a chimney connections for pellet stoves. In the bell connection special silicone seals are used, what makes the system airtight and, because of  that, possible to use in overpressure installations. Elements are powder coated with high temperature silicone coat (inside and outside). They are available in black color.

Maximal temperature of constant work:  250°C.


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