Air intake set provides fresh air into the building. It  is to be mounted above or next to the window, in the wall. Basic version is equipped with an air intake that assures proper air supply from  outside. It is constructed in a way that protects from rainwater and is also equipped with wire mesh against rodents. On the side mounted inside the building air intake set is equipped with a flap  valve with insulation, that prevents from water vapor condensation in winter as well as reduces noise. Valve allows to regulate the airflow precisely.

Air intake set can be additionally equipped with airflow stabilizer. It controls the airflow: limits the air supply to certain limits as well as protects from backflow.

Air intake set with heater provides fresh and preheated air into the building. Thermostat  turns the heating module on when temperature falls  below 3°C and switches it off when temperature rises above 10-15°C. Semiconductor heating elements automatically regulate power consumption in relation  to the amount and temperature of flowing air. Basic version is equipped with a flap  valve. Optionally a version with stabilizer is available.

Each air intake set includes a filter (separately in the box, to be mounted by the user). Filter enables effective capturing of dust and other particles carried by the air.