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Wood Burning

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Modern Freestanding

The NOVIA combines high-quality materials with a modern design to create an efficient and elegant heat source. The unusually large, curved viewing window offers the viewer a lot of insight into the calming play of the flames. Thanks to its space-saving shape, NOVIA blends harmoniously into any living space.

NOVIA variants:
Four versions available (C / CL / Novia Plus/ Novia With Boiler) painted in black

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NOVIA plus combines elegant design and efficient technology into a successful whole. Thanks to modern storage technology, the room can be prevented from cooling down quickly. The storage technology located in the head absorbs the heat from the flames in a solid core made of cast iron and gradually releases the heat into the living room after the fire has gone out. The memory is "full" after a short period of operation - and the memory effect sets in. The heater effectively emits heat for about three hours longer than a stove without a storage tank.

NOVIA plus has a graceful and compact design so that it blends harmoniously into almost any living environment. Its matt black finish is modern and elegant at the same time.

The generously curved glass offers the viewer ample insight into the cosy play of flames.



Cast Iron: Black
Dimensions: H1297 x B450 x D450
KW: 4 – 7
Efficiency: 81%
Energy Efficiency Class: A+
Heating Area 20-100
Weight: 260 kg
External Air Connector: 100mm





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