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Wood Burning

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Modern Freestanding

The CORNA PS The CORNA PS cast iron stove, with its tested heating output of 6 kW, is the solution for efficiently insulated living space. With the panoramic view, the fire literally enters the room.

CORNA variants:
Four versions available (CORNA: Front glass, Left or Right, and Three Side glass, ) painted in black or enamelled white

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CORNA A fireplace is not only a popular source of heat, but also always a special eye-catcher. The flickering fire, the crackling logs, the play of flames and later the smoldering embers, all of this takes place before our eyes – behind the door window – in the combustion chamber and inevitably captivates us. A fireplace usually only has one or two windows that allow you to see the flickering fire. But the ordinary is never enough for LEDA: the CORNA PS fireplace from LEDA offers a complete all-round view, not just from the front or around the corner, but from three sides.

Nothing spoils the fantastic panoramic view of the fireplace. The fire literally enters the room. The front window is fixed, while the two side windows can be swiveled wide open. The plug-in door handle ensures the handle-free look.

The slim stove made of high-quality cast iron has an output of 6 kW. Since LEDA always has the environment in mind, this stove is also equipped with the advanced volume flow regulator (VSR). An innovative air valve in the firebox floor that is only set once when setting up the system and adapts the fireplace insert and the air supply to the conditions of the existing chimney right from the start. This leads to low emissions as well as low fuel consumption, which is easy on the wallet.

Like all CORNA models, it can optionally be equipped with an electronic heating aid. It uses discreet LED lights from red to blue to green to show the operator whether the fuel quantity and the combustion air setting are optimally coordinated. In the so-called emission reduction set, an additional catalytic converter supplements the heating aid.


Cast Iron
Firebox Material:
Cast iron / Firebrick
H1247-1566 x B380 x D380
Nominal Heat Output:
6 kW
Energy Efficiency Class:
ECO-Design 2022 Ready
Heating Area:
20-100 m2
250 kg
Flue Spigot:
Top 125mm
External Air Connector:
Ash Pan:






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