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Arriaga Stone

Classic meets modern.
The natural CAMBRIDGE fireplace is also a high-quality fireplace in the romantic country house style. The exclusive natural stone facade is an unmistakable one-off that can be individually designed with the different types of natural stone. The CAMBRIDGE fireplace impresses with its straight-line design with simple but filigree decorations and is handcrafted – a technique that only a few experts have mastered

The fireplace is available in various natural stone options, see materials below.

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Natural Stone

As the name suggests, natural stone is a product that has grown over millions of years in the great outdoors, to which we can “only” give shape and the finishing touch. Deviations in colour, structure and veining are therefore quite natural. This means that each system made from it is unique, which further underlines the high value of this product. Deviations from samples or exhibits in exhibitions are possible and normal.

Available Sizes:

  • 57” (Height 1160mm x Width 1450mm x Depth 300mm)
  • Other Sizes Available on Request

Material Options:

Bianco Carrara

Blanco Macael

Blanco Nacarado

Blanco Pirg

Caliza Capri

Crema Marfil

Gris Macael

Maron Emperador

Nagra Abanilla

Roja Alicant

Travertino Navona




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