Hot-air turbine

Hot-air turbine

349.00  283.74  ex Vat

Max efficiency of hot air ventilator: BANAN1: 400 [m3/h]   BANAN2: 600 [m3/h]  BANAN3: 800 [m3/h]
Outlet diameters: BANAN1: 125 [mm]   BANAN2: 150 [mm]   BANAN3: 150 [mm]
Power: BANAN1:  54 [W]   BANAN2: 80 [W]   BANAN3: 118 [W]
Max ambient tempearture: 50 [ºC]
Max temperature of incomming air: 180 [ºC]
Accoustic pressure: 65 [dB]
Voltage: 230 [V] 50 [Hz] AC
Protection level: IP20
Material: galvanised steel
Warranty: 2 years


The BANAN supply air set is designed to distribute warm air from the drip above the fireplace stove to the living quarters. It is a combination of the air supply AN with the bypass BAN. When the air temperature reaches the set value, the set automatically switches on. It switches off when the temperature of the air flowing from the fireplace falls below the set temperature. The BAN set significantly increases the efficiency of the fireplace heating system and protects the system against overheating.


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