Traditional Fireplace

Naturalstone mantelpiece fireplaces from Camina - modern or classical

What are you thinking of when you imagine a comfortable fireplace? Rustic flair, pleasant warmth and switch off from daily life could be the first associations. Our Naturalstone mantelpiece fireplaces promise even more: Due to their design, they are the focus in a room, whether modern or classic.

Camina works with modules that will give your fireplace a personal touch.
Various fronts, glasses or fireplace insets  can be installed as desired. You can also choose between different materials such as marble, sandstone or granite, which have grown for thousands of years and are only cut or shaped. Naturalstone fronts are mostly handmade and this craftsmanship is dominated by only a few.

Each mantelpiece is unique due to the natural material in which you can bring naturally special wishes when ordering.
All fireplaces are polished and sealed, which makes them a long lasting furniture.

Benefits of a Naturalstone mantelpiece:

  • unique design
  • resistant and durable
  • wide selection of material