Even in an era of modern heating technology, the significance of wood burning stoves haven’t declined a bit and still offers great value for any home. Other than being a fabulous decorative element, the wood burning stove is undoubtedly an excellent heat source and quite astonishing to look at. In the present day, they come in many pioneering designs and have proven to be highly efficient during the winter season. All you need to do is pick up the right one as per your requirement, but choosing the right one is more like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thus to ease your quest, we are presenting you with some tips to find the wood burning stove of your dream. But before we dive in further, let’s give consideration to one key thing. You need to have a wood burning stove that offers #1 Exceptional Heating, #2 Better For Environment and most importantly #3 The One That Compliments Your Décor and Finally #4 Hight Quality and Easy for Maintenance. Once you have all these key ingredients, you will have a reliable wood burning stove. So without any further ado, let’s get started.  

Tips To Choose The Right Wood Burning Stove

1. Where To Start – Before coming up with any decision, it is essential to foresee whether you have an adequate supply of wood or locally available. If you are planning a year ahead, you need a log store too. Other things that matter before selecting a stove is the style or aesthetic. At Homexpert, we first understand the clientele needs and fervently bring you with a wood burning stove in traditional, contemporary or modern design.

2. Consider Heat Output for Room/Space – An appropriate heat output helps in achieving relaxing room temperature. For example- 1kw of heat output can maintain a room temperature of around 21 ºC at the freezing temperature of 0 ºC. We recommend that you call an expert to make a safe & sound decision for a wood burning stove.

3. Consider The Size – Subsequently, the right size of the stove is very important to gain an optimal effect. Your stove shouldn’t be too big or shouldn’t be too small and must be adequate enough to meet your requirement. If we have to state a simple rule of thumb: 1 kW is able to warm up 10 -20 square meters depending on the isolation. So consider finding a suitable one as per your living lifestyle.

4. Find A Good Dealer – Always go with the known brand who’s able to deliver impeccable wood burning equipment. At Homexpert, we take responsibility for what we deliver to the client. Since our stove is ergonomically designed to deliver utmost performance, as a customer you won’t be disappointed with the sturdy-built quality, beautiful appearance and unique design which elegantly compliments your current living environment.

Contact us to explore different designs. To see an example of our finest workmanship, do stop by at https://homexpert.ie/.