Living off the grid has become a new lifestyle trend these days and there’s a reason why it’s becoming popular especially among young couples. You are not confined to limited space and for a prepper, it is about getting away from high electricity bills or high living costs. But what are you going to do when it’s cold outside?

It might not officially winter yet, however, in Ireland, the average temperature could vary somewhere between 5°C to 16°C. Hence, you need to think in advance about the heating solution before going off the grid. This is where woodburner stoves serve as a viable solution, especially when you are living close to nature and seeking an environmentally friendly option. The unique facet of the wood burning stove lies in the ability to provide much more heat than the normal fireplace and can radiate heat from all sides, making it a massively efficient solution to warm up the entire room. 

At HOMEXPERT, our woodburner stoves come in great ergonomic design and are perfectly suited for contemporary, metro cities and off-the-grid homes to achieve autonomy. In general, you won’t find a practical substitution for wood burning heating when it comes to optimal warmth. It is reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and produces eye-catching essence while burning.

Exploiting the full potential of a wood burning stove is entirely dependent on the need of a person, and sometimes creativity plays a crucial role too. Other than being a focal point to your living room and providing an enjoyable feeling of warmth, a woodburner stove can be outfitted as both a standalone heater and a central heating system. Besides, a wood burning stove can also be connected to the boiler for hot water and also mas a cooking part placed in a kitchen. Thus, the application of wood burning stores is endless and there are numerous inventive ways to install them.

The only question that you should be concerned about is which one will work better for you? This requires a well-thought consideration to the room size, house layout, and your requirement. To explore the woodburner stove in a great design, do stop by at