Gas Fires

Fire – re-experiencing tradition.

Fire has long been an integral part of human life. In the past, in a first-class sense of purpose, however, it was already possible to appreciate the sociable place in front of the blazing flames. And it is precisely this connecting element that returns to homes more and more often. A place to relax and meet, the haven of peace after a stressful day or simply pleasant heat source.
But can that also be a gas fireplace? Yes, he can. Experience a fire experience that comes as close to wood as ever. We create luxurious and decorative comfort for maximum comfort. Convince yourself of our new gas chimneys.

Fire relaxes and connects.

It is good when fire can kindle quickly and easily. With our new gas fireplaces you can turn your four walls into a place with a special atmosphere in an instant. Enjoy the benefits of a gas fireplace: no towing, no soot, no dirt. The stress of everyday life is quickly forgotten – use your time for the beautiful things in life.

“After work, I’m happy to come home to see my family and talk about the day, the fire is our haven of peace, it brings us all closer together, no wood, no towing, easy to clean ̶ just turn on and off.”

Fire awakens memories.

Exciting stories, convivial rounds or togetherness – fire inspired, fire awakens memories. Why not revive stories at home by the fire? Thanks to a balanced exhaust system, our gas fireplaces can be connected almost anywhere to the existing gas supply and, thanks to their individual design, integrate perfectly into your interior.

Unique are the wooden logs made of ceramic, in which tungsten filaments are incorporated. Through contact with the flame, the threads light up. It creates a deceptively genuine glowing effect. With the new LED Ambiente lighting a bed of glowing coals is adjusted. It can be used separately when no heat is needed or the flame image is to be given even more dimension.

“Life is changing, the world is changing, but when we sit together by the fire, we’ve stayed young – the aesthetic flames and the effect of glowing coals, like the campfire!”

Fire fascinates.

Fire at the push of a button? That’s how easy it can be! Thanks to the intuitive display remote control, our gas fireplaces are technically at the highest level and are easy to operate. At the heart of the facility are the deceptively real ceramic clay logs. In them, a total of five burner nozzles are installed, which can be controlled by two separately controllable burner groups. So the flame and thus the heat supply can be regulated according to your wishes. Since the new valve driver is a low-voltage solution, operation is also extremely quiet and safe.

“Fire at the touch of a button, that inspired me immediately! Everything relaxed by remote control ̶ THE eye-catcher bad.”