GAS Fires

Fire – re-experiencing tradition.

The fire has long been a permanent part of human life. In the
past, primarily benefit-oriented, however back then they
already appreciated the social space in front of the blazing
flames. The wood fire, sizzling and crackling, the heat
and coziness it radiates – it’s enough to warm your heart.
It’s no wonder that nowadays many people want to bring
this coziness to their own homes. A place to relax and
meet, the peaceful place after a stressful day and the
source of warmth after a long walk on cold days – the
fi replace as the center of your life.
But a gas fireplace? Now anyone who thinks coziness is
a thing of the past is wrong. Would you have recognized
the difference to a real wood fire? The fi re shown on the
previous pages is a gas fire. However, many know that up
until now, the focus tended to be on usefulness. Whether
in cigarette lighters, heaters, patio heaters or gas cookers
– gas remains a simple, convenient way to produce a
flame or heat.
As you can see, the road to the gas fireplace is not so farfetched
– we create luxurious and decorative comfort for
maximum convenience. The radiated heat in combination
with individual design and simple gas control possibilities
is the optimum solution for a large number of customer
requirements. Convince yourself of the many advantages
of our new gas fireplaces.


  • Superior safety monitoring
  • Versatile burner system with eff icient,
    energy-saving combustion technology
  • Communicating remote control with a thermostat
    function keeps the desired temperature constant
  • No other ignition source required – fi re at the
    press of a button
  • Realistic ceramic logs
  • Optionally equipped with LED ambient lighting
    for simulating a glowing bed of embers for greater
  • Dynamic, realistic fl ame appearance that never
    becomes boring
  • Can be connected to an existing gas supply and
    also integrated in existing fireplaces
  • Can be personalised with extensive decorative
    materials exactly to your specifi cations
  • Easy to care for and clean; no soot
  • No wood to chop and haul
  • Quiet and safe to use

Fire relaxes
and connects.


Then it’s good when a fi re can be lit quickly and
easily. With our new gas fi replaces, you turn your
four walls into a place with a special atmosphere in
a fl ash. Enjoy the advantages of a gas fi replace: no
hauling, no soot, no dirt. Then the stress of everyday
life is quickly forgotten – use your time for the enjoyable
things in life.

“After work, I’m happy to come home to see my family and talk about the day, the fire is our haven of peace, it brings us all closer together, no wood, no towing, easy to clean ̶ just turn on and off.”