Do We Need Chimney for Wood Burning Stove In Ireland? Yes, Here’s Why.

The contemporary wood burning stove is in demand for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Being one of the promising sources of heat, a wood burning stove is also a great addition to your home and is a perfect alternative to your unusual central heating. Since the stove is made of metal, it generates heat in an enclosed fire chamber, but you do need a chimney to draw fumes and gases away from the home.

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Why Should You Bring Back Heritage Stoves in Cork City?

Heating homes with oil, natural gas and electricity are becoming costlier day-by-day and their increasing price persuading us to think of wood fires as a perfect alternative for optimal heating. And when it comes to warmth and comfort, the Heritage stove is an inherent trend that will never go out of style.

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Modern Fireplace VS Traditional Fireplace –Which One Should You Choose?

If the old fashioned customary fireplace is a touch of elegance, then the modern fireplace is nothing less than contemporary art. Traditional and contemporary styles are at the opposite ends of the spectrum and we can help you in picking up the right one. Other than being warm, the fireplace adds a creative zing to the home and creates a cozy feeling.

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Free Standing Stoves Is Amazing and Nothing Like an Ordinary Stove. Here’s Why…!!

Free standing stoves in a nutshell of modern stoves in Ireland are quite in demand because of its practicality and decorative which elegantly sets them apart from the rest of the fireplace stoves. Seeing that the majority of home don’t have dedicated fireplace inbuilt into their premises, portability becomes the only practical option to bring warmth and stateliness.

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Heat Your Off the Grid Home with Innovative Woodburner Stoves

Living off the grid has become a new lifestyle trend these days and there’s a reason why it’s becoming popular especially among young couples. You are not confined to limited space and for a prepper, it is about getting away from high electricity bills or high living costs. But what are you going to do when it’s cold outside?

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Your Ultimate Guide To Install and Maintain Fireplace Insert in Cork | HOMEXPERT

A fireplace insert is a beautiful addition to every home which elegantly spruces up your living space with warmth, intriguing décor and style. The truth is, there’s nothing comfier and romantic than snuggling up in front of an open fire during cold winter days, and that’s why it is becoming a key façade in the modern home.

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Free Standing Stoves for Small Space is a Tempting Decor Sage

Got Small Space? Try Free Standing Stoves. Homexpert, a leading brand for impressive freestanding stoves in Ireland, reveals its multi-purpose facet and explores why so many people are buying these. Even in a world of electronic heating appliances, the magnitude of free standing stoves hasn’t declined a bit and still considered a promising choice during wintry season.

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How To Choose The Right Wood Burning Stove In Cork, Ireland | HOMEXPERT

Even in an era of modern heating technology, the significance of wood burning stoves haven’t declined a bit and still offers great value for any home. Other than being a fabulous decorative element, the wood burning stove is undoubtedly an excellent heat source and quite astonishing to look at.

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