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free standing stove in Ireland

What You Need To Install Free Standing Stoves In Shed?

A free standing stove in Ireland is an attractive addition to your home and provides a beautiful focal point.  But we all stumble on the installation work, don’t we?

Installing free standing stoves is not as complicated as it sounds and all you need to do is follow the basic rules. It’s pretty much a simple and straightforward quest and fun-loving too. In this blog, we will demonstrate the basics and guide you step by step for installing freestanding stoves inside your shed. Before we get started, it is imperative to give a well-thought consideration to what output of stove you are required to heat the shed.

The Simplest Rule To Thumb To Determine Heat Output Is – Room Length X Width X Height m / 14 = Output Required in kW

Once you get the output measurement, your next step should be purchasing Free Standing Stoves that ensure promising heat output. For a small shed, a freestanding stove of 9 KW efficiently serves the purpose.

#1 POSITIONING THE STOVE IN THE SHED. In most of the cases, it is recommended to align the position of the stove properly with the chimney system. By doing so, you’ll get the chimney straight up with no bends and smoke & gases will easily pass through the roof.

#2 FITTING THE HEAT SHIELD. The heat shield is a heat resistant board material which prevents the stove heat damaging the shed wall. An effective heat shield can provide optimal performance benefits without overheating and prior to any risk.

#3 CUTTING THE CHIMNEY/FLUE HOLE IN THE SHED. Most of the shed doesn’t have a dedicated chimney and hence requires a flue hole in the shed. Simply mark the center of the flue and around the elliptical hole. Then cut all the way through the roofed hall.

#4 ASSEMBLING THE CHIMNEY/FLUE SYSTEM. After cutting a wide hole in your shed, it is time to install the freestanding stove and flue system and poke chimney through the wall. Once it is fitted, its recommended to wake it watertight (by determining the nature of the room material).

#5 LET’S TIDE IT UP. With the freestanding stove, you’ll get two small plates and these are very important to provide a nice surface to the ceiling.

That’s all, that’s everything you need to install free standing stoves in Shed. Hope this guide helps you to achieve utmost perfection. If you are looking for modern free standing stoves in Ireland, then explore all your options at

Wood Burning Stove

Do We Need Chimney for Wood Burning Stove In Ireland? Yes, Here’s Why.

The contemporary wood burning stove is in demand for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Being one of the promising sources of heat, a wood burning stove is also a great addition to your home and is a perfect alternative to your unusual central heating. Since the stove is made of metal, it generates heat in an enclosed fire chamber, but you do need a chimney to draw fumes and gases away from the home.

One question that frequently pop-ups in our mind is, can we install a wood burning stove in a home that doesn’t have a chimney? It’s imperative to think in advance because a stove needs a way to vent the smoke and gas, and a chimney is a foremost thing required for any wood stove installation. In case you don’t have a chimney, you can install one with the stove and it doesn’t require much effort.

No Chimney? Relax, No Problem

At HOMEXPERT, we understand the unique need of customers and bring you a wood burning stove of compact design which can be installed via a metal pipe system. Metal chimney is mostly recommended for wood stoves because they are insulated and can easily handle the high temperature. In addition to this, they are extremely durable and withstand the test of weather & time.

All you need to do is speak with our experts and explore all your options for sage installation work. You can even choose a masonry chimney design. The metal chimney is an efficient and effective flue solution. Since they are designed with inches of thickness and come in carrying length & bends, they can be easily assembled to provide fully-integrated chimney between a wood burning stove and a safety depot above roof height. They can be installed internally, passing through the building and external walls. Though the height of the chimney depends on the height of the roof and in some houses, it is even possible to install wood burning stove through walls.

The overall cost of installing a wood burning stove with a chimney is quite a complicated question and requires a well-thought consideration. Hence, it is recommended to consult with a leading specialist. Our team of professionals would be happy to assist you in making a viable purchase decision. To explore contemporary wood burning stove in Ireland, do stop by at

Heritage Stoves in Cork City

Why Should You Bring Back Heritage Stoves in Cork City?

Heating homes with oil, natural gas and electricity are becoming costlier day-by-day and their increasing price persuading us to think of wood fires as a perfect alternative for optimal heating.

And when it comes to warmth and comfort, the Heritage stove is an inherent trend that will never go out of style. Once implemented, it will be an asset to your household and the architectural design does speak a lot about your interior design & living lifestyle.   In addition to all this, heritage wood burning stoves are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, bestow cozy warmth and its totally energy independence.

Some of the factors that eagerly say you should bring back the heritage woodstove in your house are:

#1 Heritage Stove Are More Than A Style Quotient. They are ergonomically designed to efficiently serve the purpose and available in numerous contemporary and traditional designs. One can choose as per the requirement. At HOMEXPERT.IE, our wood burning stoves come in myriad variation and available in corner, freestanding and built-in wall mounted style. Thus, conferring you a chance to pick the best one out of the pool.

#2 Numerous Installation Ideas and Location. Heritage stoves don’t restrict your ideas to one particular notion. Its portable design offers you the convenience to install anywhere and for a designer, it uncovers numerous trendy installation ideas.

#3 Effectual New Models. The newer model of woodstove has a good reputation for efficiency and has been a people’s foremost choice for a reliable & safe wood burning flames. Our Heritage stove is a state of the art equipment and safer than ever.

#4 Reliable Warmth Source During Blackout. It’s the only reliable heating solution that even works during blackout days. Since heritage woodstoves require burning of wood and timber to produce heat, a home with fireplace will be able to stay warm in the absence of electricity or natural gas.

Did you know that with a heritage stove, the whole house can be heated for less? Besides, they are modern and designed with sturdy-built quality. If you are planning to heat your home for less, do check out our latest wood burning stoves at

Traditional Fireplace

Modern Fireplace VS Traditional Fireplace –Which One Should You Choose?

If the old fashioned customary fireplace is a touch of elegance, then the modern fireplace is nothing less than contemporary art. Traditional and contemporary styles are at the opposite ends of the spectrum and we can help you in picking up the right one. Other than being warm, the fireplace adds a creative zing to the home and creates a cozy feeling.

But the decision between a modern fireplace and a traditional fireplace is certainly mind-boggling because they are both good and unique in their own way. Where the traditional fireplace is more towards the authentic wood burning fire, the modern fireplace is pushing the design boundaries while still incorporating beauty and utility. Both of them are eye-catching and nothing less than an evoking piece of art.

Things You Will Love About Traditional Fireplace

A traditional fireplace confers a wood burning ambience that has attracted people for thousands of years. It is more towards the realistic experience and comes in a wide variety of designs & styles. You’ll love the authentic masonry appearance and a dramatic fire visual & warmth both. If you are seeking a functional fireplace rather than a symbolic one, then the traditional fireplace is definitely the right pick. It’s the best choice for limited space and lots of people prefer it because of its minimalistic design and effortless maintenance. One can even fit it as a sculptural mantelpiece in a living room.

Things You Will Love About Modern Fireplace

Modern fireplaces, to some extent, offer the same benefits as traditional fireplaces and are a lot more different in terms of design. In other languages, you push the design boundaries to elegantly blend with the interior of the house. The contemporary fireplace is mainly inspired by a designer where it is further upgraded with the mantle and surrounds. Even though modern fireplaces are quite different, they do offer a series of advantages. Once installed, the slender landscape design is seen as a masterpiece of your premises. It creates a captivating fire and a beautiful focal point. Besides all this, a contemporary fireplace makes the most of the cozy area and opens the great for great mantel decoration.

Let’s get you started with the best fireplace design, shall We? Since now that you’ve understood the significance of both modern and traditional fireplaces, it’s time that you stop by at and explore the design that suits your budget, need or preference.

Free Standing Stoves

Free Standing Stoves Is Amazing and Nothing Like an Ordinary Stove. Here’s Why…!!

Free standing stoves in a nutshell of modern stoves in Ireland are quite in demand because of its practicality and decorative which elegantly sets them apart from the rest of the fireplace stoves. Seeing that the majority of home don’t have dedicated fireplace inbuilt into their premises, portability becomes the only practical option to bring warmth and stateliness. Thus, free-standing stoves make a good addition to your home without the hassle and cost of installation.

The factors which make free-standing stoves nothing like an ordinary stove are:

•    Highly Portable To Be Carried Anyplace. A free standing stove is absolutely what it sounds like. It is standalone and portable enough to be carried or positioned anywhere. Compared to the traditional fireplace, a freestanding stove doesn’t require heavy installation work and is perfectly suited for homeowners with a small budget.

•    Efficiently Serve The Purpose. On one hand, where the built-in fireplace is considered a costly project, free-standing stoves fall under the budget and are perfectly suited for a home with small living space. It is designed to provide potential heat and make a good addition to your house.

•    Hassle Free Installation. Installation of a free standing stove is much simpler, more affordable and uncomplicated than a built-in fireplace. All you need to be concerned about is the chimney type. This usually requires a well-thought consideration depending on your location and stove design. Hence, recommending you to call an expert.

•    Free Standing Stoves Are Reasonably Priced. Free standing stoves are generally the cheapest option available in the market. After all, it is easy to install, easy to use, produce needed heat, and don’t require a ton of maintenance work.

•    Great Aesthetic Value. The unique facet of free standing stoves lies in its unique ergonomic design which brings great aesthetic value and warms up your home while complementing your interior décor.

If you want a fireplace but aren’t willing to spend huge amounts of money and cost on installation work, then you must acquire free standing stoves. To find them in numerous intriguing designs, do stop by at

modern stoves ireland

Heat Your Off the Grid Home with Innovative Woodburner Stoves

Living off the grid has become a new lifestyle trend these days and there’s a reason why it’s becoming popular especially among young couples. You are not confined to limited space and for a prepper, it is about getting away from high electricity bills or high living costs. But what are you going to do when it’s cold outside?

It might not officially winter yet, however, in Ireland, the average temperature could vary somewhere between 5°C to 16°C. Hence, you need to think in advance about the heating solution before going off the grid. This is where woodburner stoves serve as a viable solution, especially when you are living close to nature and seeking an environmentally friendly option. The unique facet of the wood burning stove lies in the ability to provide much more heat than the normal fireplace and can radiate heat from all sides, making it a massively efficient solution to warm up the entire room. 

At HOMEXPERT, our woodburner stoves come in great ergonomic design and are perfectly suited for contemporary, metro cities and off-the-grid homes to achieve autonomy. In general, you won’t find a practical substitution for wood burning heating when it comes to optimal warmth. It is reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and produces eye-catching essence while burning.

Exploiting the full potential of a wood burning stove is entirely dependent on the need of a person, and sometimes creativity plays a crucial role too. Other than being a focal point to your living room and providing an enjoyable feeling of warmth, a woodburner stove can be outfitted as both a standalone heater and a central heating system. Besides, a wood burning stove can also be connected to the boiler for hot water and also mas a cooking part placed in a kitchen. Thus, the application of wood burning stores is endless and there are numerous inventive ways to install them.

The only question that you should be concerned about is which one will work better for you? This requires a well-thought consideration to the room size, house layout, and your requirement. To explore the woodburner stove in a great design, do stop by at  

Fireplace Insert in Cork

Your Ultimate Guide To Install and Maintain Fireplace Insert in Cork | HOMEXPERT

A fireplace insert is a beautiful addition to every home which elegantly spruces up your living space with warmth, intriguing decor and style. The truth is, there’s nothing comfier and romantic than snuggling up in front of an open fire during cold winter days, and that’s why it is becoming a key façade in the modern home. Installing a Fireplace Insert is considered extremely valuable to generate moderate heat, which not only transforms the ambiance but also sets up a romantic mood. But before you come up with any decision, let’s consider some key points.

#1 Style Consideration. There are many different types of fireplace inserts. However, in the majority of cases, the hearth style is mainly determined as per your preference and as per the property size. This usually defines the aesthetic finish of a fireplace. From ultra-contemporary to traditional fireplace design, there are many conceivable styles to choose from. In the course of installation, we don’t recommend plaster as after sometime, it will start to crack & chip due to intense heat.

#2 Size and Location. One must also give a well-thought consideration to the size of the room where the fireplace will be installed. It is very important to measure the room before purchasing a fireplace. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a fireplace insert that would be enough to warm up the entire space. Some of the preeminent places to install a fireplace insert are living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Among them, the fireplace insert in the bedroom is becoming quite an indulgent trend.

#3 Fuel Consideration. Do you want to make optimal use of your fireplace insert? If yes, then you have to think about fuel consideration. In most of the cases, you need to buy your own wood and bring it into the house.  Tips- You will drastically reduce your heating cost if you use firewood of high heat value.

Top Tips For Maintaining A Fireplace Insert

#1 CLEAN THE INTERIOR. Burning wood builds up a variety of dirt, dust, ashes and creosote. Therefore, make sure that the interior of the fireplace is cleaned regularly. By doing so, you not only make your fireplace insert secure & safe but also make it appear presentable and burn more efficiently.

#2 WATCHOUT FOR SMOKE. An efficient fireplace inserts mustn’t send smoke into the home. In case if you see smoke, consider it as a warning signal and you should immediately clean it.

#3 BURN THE RIGHT WOOD. Think of the fireplace insert as an art where you have to utilize the best wood burning practice and must use the right kind of wood to burn. Hardwood has always been a favorite choice because they burn hotter & longer and cause less creosote buildup.

#4 INSPECT YOUR CHIMNEY. Consider this as a crucial step. inspect and foresee any missing dent, loose joints, screws or rusts. These are the early signs to repair and mustn’t be ignored.

Upgrade your house with a beautiful touch of warmth. If you are interested in installing a new fireplace insert, do stop by at

Free Standing Stoves

Free Standing Stoves for Small Space is a Tempting Decor Sage

Got Small Space? Try Free Standing Stoves. Homexpert, a leading brand for impressive freestanding stoves in Ireland, reveals its multi-purpose facet and explores why so many people are buying these. Even in a world of electronic heating appliances, the magnitude of free standing stoves hasn’t declined a bit and still considered a promising choice during wintry season. Besides, there are many who would see the comfort of a nice warm fire and there’s a certain charm to it. The ornamental focal point of the Free Standing Stoves lies in its inspiring design, which elegantly blends with the aesthetic appearance of your home.

As per the Homexpert, “Investing in wood-burning stoves is not only about investing in practicality, but it is more like investing in a great ergonomic design which gives you the best of both worlds. The high-efficiency clean burn technology ensures maximum heat with minimal emission and throws up a crispy magical flame visual.”

Key Considerations To Keep In Mind For Freestanding Stoves

#1 Durability – A robust sturdy-built quality gives an assurance to long term durability. Since Homexpert is associated with the leading vendor, as a customer you’ll get a stove of beautiful curves and creative designs which does not compromise with heating performance.

#2 Combustion Technology – The combustion chamber in Hergóm freestanding products is made of cast iron coated with white flux, and offers brilliance of fire like you have never seen before. It is designed to offer flexibility in installation and external air intakes, making it suitable for passive housing.

#3 Heating Capacity – Do note down one thing that square footage does not necessarily give emphasis to stove’s heating capacity. Stoves heating differentiates and depends on the climate you live in. For a small house, free standing stoves tend to heat the ambiance pretty fast.

#4 Is Your House Suitable For Free Standing Stove?– Before you make any further decision, it is vital to foresee that your property is suitable for this technology and also check that your property is not in a smocked controlled area.

#5 Installing A Stove – After picking your preferred wood burning stove, it all comes down to the installation part and we personally recommend you to call an expert. Since the installation of the stove must comply with the rules & regulations. Our qualified accredited installer is proficient and experienced in delivering impeccable workmanship.

How much free standing stove cost to install? The overall cost of a free standing stove depends as per the type and size you choose, as well as the individual preference of installation. At Homexpert, we have kept the overall price of installation highly competitive and have maintained full transparency in our service. With us, your quest for wood burner stove becomes cost-effective and does fall under your budget. 

Wood Burning Stove In Cork

How To Choose The Right Wood Burning Stove In Cork, Ireland | HOMEXPERT

Even in an era of modern heating technology, the significance of wood burning stoves haven’t declined a bit and still offers great value for any home. Other than being a fabulous decorative element, the wood burning stove is undoubtedly an excellent heat source and quite astonishing to look at. In the present day, they come in many pioneering designs and have proven to be highly efficient during the winter season. All you need to do is pick up the right one as per your requirement, but choosing the right one is more like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thus to ease your quest, we are presenting you with some tips to find the wood burning stove of your dream. But before we dive in further, let’s give consideration to one key thing. You need to have a wood burning stove that offers #1 Exceptional Heating, #2 Better For Environment and most importantly #3 The One That Compliments Your Décor and Finally #4 Hight Quality and Easy for Maintenance. Once you have all these key ingredients, you will have a reliable wood burning stove. So without any further ado, let’s get started.  

Tips To Choose The Right Wood Burning Stove

1. Where To Start – Before coming up with any decision, it is essential to foresee whether you have an adequate supply of wood or locally available. If you are planning a year ahead, you need a log store too. Other things that matter before selecting a stove is the style or aesthetic. At Homexpert, we first understand the clientele needs and fervently bring you with a wood burning stove in traditional, contemporary or modern design.

2. Consider Heat Output for Room/Space – An appropriate heat output helps in achieving relaxing room temperature. For example- 1kw of heat output can maintain a room temperature of around 21 ºC at the freezing temperature of 0 ºC. We recommend that you call an expert to make a safe & sound decision for a wood burning stove.

3. Consider The Size – Subsequently, the right size of the stove is very important to gain an optimal effect. Your stove shouldn’t be too big or shouldn’t be too small and must be adequate enough to meet your requirement. If we have to state a simple rule of thumb: 1 kW is able to warm up 10 -20 square meters depending on the isolation. So consider finding a suitable one as per your living lifestyle.

4. Find A Good Dealer – Always go with the known brand who’s able to deliver impeccable wood burning equipment. At Homexpert, we take responsibility for what we deliver to the client. Since our stove is ergonomically designed to deliver utmost performance, as a customer you won’t be disappointed with the sturdy-built quality, beautiful appearance and unique design which elegantly compliments your current living environment.

Contact us to explore different designs. To see an example of our finest workmanship, do stop by at